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Year 12 Attend UCAS Discovery Event

Year 12 students recently attended the UCAS Discovery Event, hosted at the University of Surrey, in Ipswich.

Our Sixth Formers were treated to an incredible opportunity to engage with representatives from over 100 universities and colleges, delving into discussions about courses and university life. In addition, they also had the chance to converse with employers and apprenticeship providers, gaining valuable insights into the world of apprenticeships and the various options available.

The event featured enlightening talks by field experts, and our students were provided with dedicated support and advice from UCAS experts to help them navigate their options effectively.

“I really enjoyed the experience. It helped narrow down my choices and showed me many different options.” Migle.B

“This experience was very beneficial. I learned a lot from many different universities & loved hearing what each one had to offer.” Temi.A

“I found the UCAS event very helpful, because now I know what options I have to choose from.” Noel.M

“The visit enabled me to get an insight into different universities that suited my subject of interest. Additionally, we were provided with a QR code that allows us to receive important emails and latest updates from the universities.” Tomi.B