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Key Stage 4 Learning

Challenging the Most Able

Pupils appreciate the guidance and support that the school gives them to be the best they can be. As a result, there are positive relationships between staff and pupils. Pupils also get on well with each other.

Ofsted 2023

We recognise that in every lesson every student has a different starting point and it is our job to find each student’s starting point and act accordingly. We know that in every class there are lead learners who we must stretch and challenge to achieve their potential. We also know that some of our students join the academy having made better than expected progress during their time at primary school.

We are proud that the academy provides curriculum pathways catering for specific needs. To provide stretch & challenge for our most able students, we have developed an Express Pathway that serves to capture potential and ensure our most able continue making rapid progress.

At the Upper Academy our curriculum provisions are designed to include strategies and opportunities that support, stretch and challenge our most able learners, to ensure they achieve the highest outcomes.

We are committed to supporting our most able learners through exposure to many varied educational experiences.  These include:

  • Scaffolded learning through our curriculum
  • Personalised interventions and support programmes that run outside of the academy day
  • Enrichment and leadership opportunities to extend their learning, social and personal development. 
  • Mentoring opportunities that support progression

S Szuskiewicz
Deputy Headteacher

We are proud members of the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) and our teaching approaches are guided by their best practice. Every year group has an Express Pathway for those with high prior attainment and our groupings allow all of our learners to be only one step away from Express.

We actively promote a wide range of destinations for our students for post-18, including university and higher level apprenticeships. This work starts in Year 7 and permeates all the way through their journey with us. We are proud of our Sixth Form alumni, many of whom return to us to share their experiences of Russell Group university education, higher level apprenticeships and graduate pathways into employment.