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Sixth Form

Dress Code

Over the last year we have listened to the thoughts of students and relaxed the dress code from business wear to smart-casual. Whilst we give students greater freedom and responsibility in Sixth Form, we still expect them to present theirselves and the school in a positive light. There are younger students around the building for whom our Sixth Formers are role models.  At any time during the school day the purpose of the dress code is to present a positive image and provide an environment conducive to learning. To be clear, we ask that all Sixth Form students adhere to the guidelines below:

  • Lanyard visible at all times
  • No ripped jeans
  • Tailored shorts are suitable in the summer
  • No football shirts or shorts (football shorts only for Sport Studies students)
  • Skirts of an appropriate length
  • No short denim shorts
  • No strapless tops
  • No thin strapped vest tops of any kind
  • No vests
  • No midriff on display
  • No flip-flops or sliders

Please note that if students arrive to lesson having not followed the dress code then they will be requested to leave the site and return once changed.

Having made the decision to attend Sixth Form, students will be expected to adhere to the above dress code.