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Thank a Teacher Day

To celebrate this year's National Thank a Teacher Day on June 19th, Upper Academy students showed their appreciation for their teachers and support staff by writing personalised messages of thanks.

Several students also recorded their thank-you messages, with the videos shared on social media throughout the day. Click here to view the video.

“I would like to thank my maths teacher they make sure I excel to my fullest.” Kaili.R – Year 10

“My health studies teacher is really nice and makes the class engaging and interactive. Thanks for being supportive, not only to me, but to her peers. She is very helpful with my education also allows time for class discussion, so that everyone can learn from each other.” Esther.U - Year 10

“My geography teacher encourages individuality by allowing students to participate in each of his lessons. He is also very patient and takes his time to ensure the students are comfortable and understand the topic he is teaching. He makes the lessons interesting, which encourages me to put more effort in whenever I’m studying.” Rejoice.A – Year 10

“My Head of Year is always there, not just for me but for everyone. She is very caring and understanding. Thank you for being a great teacher.” Gabriele.G – Year 10

“We are nominating our geography teacher for National Thank a Teacher Day. He is always looking out for student’s wellbeing and caters his lessons to support everyone’s individual needs. He always brings good vibes to the classroom environment.” Blessing.M, Neyla.T and Amira.C – Year 10

“I would like to thank a teacher who has encouraged and supported me throughout this year. She is always in good spirits and makes lessons fun, despite it being a hard subject. She is the best criminology teacher ever. Chanelle.H – Year 12

“I am delighted to give thanks to my biology teacher because she is extremely helpful, kind, high-spirited and an all round great teacher. She puts her students above her own needs and makes sure we understand the content we are studying. I wouldn’t be excelling as I am today if it wasn’t for her. Kayla.O – Year 12

“I would love to give thanks and gratitude to my sociology teacher for always supporting me in my education and always pushing me to work harder.” Toyisi.B – Year 12

“I would like to thank my english teacher, who has been very supportive. She encourages me to try my best. I see her as a very good role model for me because she gives a lot of time to helping me and other students achieve our learning goals. Thank you.” Juwon.A – Year 10

“My biology teacher makes sure that we have all our resources ready for each lesson. She is always there to support us and helps us whenever we need it. Thank you.” Daniella.O – Year 12

“I am nominating my old science teacher. He is very supportive and makes his lessons very interactive.” Alfie.P – Year 10

“We would like to thank our french teacher for making our lessons fun whilst always helping us revise.” Silviu.P and Ciprian.C – Year 10

“I always feel nervous in maths because I know I am not very good at it but my maths teacher always encourages me to believe in myself and have confidence. That has really helped me to improve and achieve higher grades. She is bright and bubbly and always there for me outside and inside of class.” Phoenix.M – Year 10