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Key Stage 4 Learning

Our Upper Academy Curriculum

Teachers are effectively implementing the curriculum to ensure that pupils catch up on learning they have missed. This is increasingly contributing towards improvements in pupils’ knowledge.

Ofsted 2023

At Key Stage 4 we ensure our curriculum is appropriate, accessible, and meet the needs of all our learners.  The curriculum provides challenge and enrichment opportunities that broaden horizons, combat external negative experiences and build positive relationships, as well as fostering a passion for learning, both in and beyond the classroom.  This focus ensures all students have the opportunity to participate and develop oracy, teamwork, leadership, and cooperative skills, and a passion for learning.

Our curriculum model increases the opportunities for our students to experience instant success, supporting their motivation and esteem.

The impact on our learners is enhanced active learning opportunities, early portfolio successes, strengthened core skills, and differentiated learning opportunities that maximise progress. Our students become strong reflective learners that take ownership of their progress.

Student progress is tracked using Personalised Learning Checklists. This allows lessons to continually diagnose the progress students make and provide interventions to support learners in the areas where they need it most.

In order to enrich and extend our provision we have deliberately designed the curriculum to include non-assessed elements to support contextual knowledge and skill building beyond qualifications, including:

  • Enrichment
  • RE/Citizenship
  • Weekly Mentoring (Current Affairs)
  • PSHE delivery (RSE)

Our enrichment programme is an essential and valuable part of our school day. The age appropriate enrichment model supports a ‘Passion for Purpose’ in Key Stage 4 and a ‘Passion for Life’ in Key Stage 5. Our enrichment curriculum builds student resilience, self-esteem, sense of belonging and love of learning.  It provides equity of opportunity, stretch & challenge, employability skills and broad experiences.  The enrichment curriculum supports our student cultural capital and social mobility.

We are proud that the academy provides curriculum pathways catering for specific needs. To provide challenge for the most able students within Key stage 4 and 5 we have developed an Express Pathway, and target support for those in need within Key stage 4 and 5 with a Careers Education Pathway.

R Rees